Scientific work is today exposed to a wide variety of expectations. These are oriented not only to the subject area and the specific subject area, but also to the academic degree of the author.

A freshman’s paper can also fall under the term of “scientific work” as well as a habilitation. Nevertheless, understandably different requirements apply to both. For customers of academic ghostwriters, price is the most visible feature. But what is behind the price and how meaningful are the levels of performance that various ghostwriting agencies offer with imaginative terms? In other words, do I get a less capable writer and thus a poorer text when choosing a cheap rate?

What the seemingly clear offer of different scientific levels does not reveal, are the methods of the agencies and – as the most important element – the wealth of experience of the authors. Because what counts in academic writing, intensity and care while working. These are guaranteed neither by a doctoral or professor title of the writer, but only by his expertise and his constant commitment.

The fact is, there are black sheep in the ghostwriting industry that deliver lyrics far below the target level. However, the good news is that customers do not have to accept this – reputable agencies will make sure that their customers can pay in installments for larger orders, and thus, after every text delivery, the chance to object or cancel the order if necessary. In this way the risk for both sides is limited.

Quality comes at a price, as well as the fact that ghostwriters with a middle or higher university degree do not work at minimum wages. Especially with agencies that have numerous employees and discreet and anonymous treat both customers and writers, the advantage lies in the increased security to receive a text that meets the requirements.