The ghostwriting industry is not providing a good self-portrayal, especially in the academic field. This has far-reaching consequences.

Customers who are looking for an academic writing service, for example because they need a qualified book entry, a market study or an apt essay, are likely to feel rather insecure after initial, superficial web research. Because they encounter many types of legal, but also marginal or unfair advertising. This includes the currently circulating lists of real or supposed fraudsters and charlatans. Customers come across reports of experience, partly doubtful quality and origin, they find forum contributions and journalistic articles of most different statements.

Every effort is made to attract the attention of the potential client. Hardly any post in which the word “ghostwriter” appears, remains unkommentiert for a long time. Quickly find comments such as “I have had best experiences with agency XY”, or “warning of agency XY!”. What is to be held by such statements?

The fact is: Serious agencies will not need to advertise their own Facebook posts, self-written forum posts or devaluation of other agencies for themselves. In addition, they do not need a network of foreign subsidiaries or parent companies, and they will treat their customers and writers fairly and thus provide them with the necessary legal certainty.

The fact is: Anyone who is tempted by low-price offers, takes several risks – not only the risk that the text does not meet the requirements, but also the risk that no legal action against the agency are possible – without all documents translate and notarized to leave (for which costs are due, which can easily exceed those of the actual text order).

We can only call on all customers to inform themselves accurately – about the imprint of the website, the names of the operators and the way in which the competitors are treated. Agencies that seek to promote themselves by discrediting others by name are affecting the industry as a whole. Their behavior is unprofessional and clients should expect to be treated there with similar methods.