College of Home Science, SKRAU, Bikaner

Welcome to College of Home Science, SKRAU, Bikaner.

Historical Background and present status - The College of Home Science Bikaner as an important constituent unit of Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner. It is progressing leaps and bounds since its establishment in 1988.
 Home Science is the achievement of family happiness, raising of its moral standards, and improving its economic conditions. This college is imparting institutional training in Home Science especially in north-West zone of Rajasthan. The Home Science in SAU's prepare girls to meet the need of rural and urban families especially the effective role of women as contributor to food production and environmental conservation and enhancement of human resources.

The graduates of Home Science play pivotal role in scientific household management on one hand and participate in rural development programme on other hand. The Home Science education also prepares students for professional life through entrepreneurship development. For this purpose UG programme has been reorganized and one year has been added to provide professional skill oriented trainings, inplant training and Rural Area Work Experience to the under graduate students.
The college is also offering M.Sc & Ph.D degree since 1996 to impart professional competence to its graduating students. PG Diploma (FN) is being started from the session 2013-2014. For the overall development and grooming of the students various co-curricular activities are the integral parts of the Home Science education

The Mission

"Home Science education provides an opportunity to graduates to acquire knowledge, skills and empower them for effective role performance and management of resources at micro and macro levels to meet the challenges of technological advancement."

The Objectives

To develop an appreciation in a holistic manner for rural life, it's problems and ways for improvement.

to develop and apply basic concepts of Home science to every day living.

To promote problem solving abilities through constructive thinking.

To develop communication skills and better human relations.

To enhance enterpreneurial skills for professional careers.

To develop the scientific approach and stimulate a desire for conducting scientific research and its transfer to family living.

To carry out research based on problem and needs of farm families for their upliftment through community outreach programmes.

To sensitize, keeping in tune with national priorities and policies, to enable active participation in national developments.

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Future Thrust in Home Science
  1. Directorate of Research of Home Science to strengthen Home Science Research.

  2. M.Sc in remaining one department. (FRM)

  3. Ph.D by course work in remaining departments of Home Science.

  4. Diploma/Certificate courses for housewives, rural and urban adolescent girls, graduates of Non-Home Science in food preservation, Home Science Crafts etc.

  5. New Courses in Home Science i.e, Computer Applications, Journalism, Food Quality Control and Mgt.

  6. Certificate short courses in Empowerment of rural adolescent girls, Basic tailoring for graduates, Nursery school teacher's training, Interior designing for graduates, videography,Food perservation and Marketing for graduates.

  7. Establishment of All India Coordinated Research Project in all the areas of Home Science

  8. Construction and upgradation and modernization of labs in all areas of Home Science

  9. Intensive plantation in and around college campus.

  10. Establishment of guidance and counselling center for parents and children

  11. Establishement of training center and sale counter for arid food products.

  12. Establishment of center for excellence for value addition of arid food.